Little Locust Lodge -  An AirBnB quiet studio apartment vacation rental with its own separate entrance and 15 minute walk from downtown on the charming Westside of Paso Robles. Shaded by a mature Oak tree, this private and charming sweet space now features PFOO samples within their complimentary items!

Mill on Wheels - Mobile Olive Milling (Yves and Clotiled Julien)


The Olive Oil Source - Everything but the Olive

Olive Oil Times - Online News, Reviews & Discussions

US Davis Olive Center - Independent information for growers, processors, professional buyers and consumers.

Controlling the Olive Fly in California - Presentation by Hannah Nadel & Marshall W. Johnson, Dept. of Entomology, UC Riverside/UC Kearney Ag Center, Parlier CA

Olive Fruiting Behavior - Soil moisture during floral development studied for possible effect an fruitfulness in olive trees.  California Agriculture, Feb 1953 - H.T. Hartmann and R.M. Hoffman - Buried Diffusers for the most efficient underground irrigation technique for productivity, saving water, energy, fertilizers, etc.