Campagnola “Buonolio Top” Olive Mill

Mill, Master and 3-Phase Motor Equipment Specs:

Campagnola, a leader in the world for pneumatic pruning & harvesting systems for 50 years is the manufacturer of this top quality compact olive oil mill. The “Buonolio Top” gives small oil producers a way to press 80 kg (176 lbs.) of olives per hour with grinding, kneading and extracting of oil in a single machine. Machine is 6’H x 3’W x 6’L running on 220 volts and weighs just 1,056 lbs. All parts that contact product are food grade stainless steel and designed to minimize oxidation of olives and resulting oil. Clean olives go into the top hopper, oil comes out a spigot, and pulp out a conveyor. A simple control panel allows operator to monitor all operations.

Also included is the supplementary “Buonolio Master” olive washer and defoliator that conveys clean olives free of leaves and other extraneous vegetation to the press input hopper; and TEMCo 3 phase electric motor (required).

Equipment Advantages:

  • Master transfers olives to crusher by means of screw conveyor automatically
  • Olive crushing is performed by a revolving blade system that does not increase temperature
  • Kneading process takes place in a closed vertical container for preventing olive paste from oxidation
  • Oil is separated by centrifugal force from vegetation, water, and husk
  • Dimensions don’t require a lot of room and wheels make it very easy to be moved.

The perfect, compact mobile mill that allows for custom batches or for a small-scale grove to pick at peak of olive ripeness and immediately begin pressing to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.